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Fullersound is usually booked several weeks in advance.  It is a good idea to reserve a mastering date at the beginning stages of your mix down.  As your mixing progresses, you can contact us to adjust that date if necessary.  We cannot always accommodate last minute request for album projects, but we will always try to rearrange our schedule so that we can meet your needs.  

If you are not attending the session, please have all masters arrive at Fullersound no later than the day prior to your requested date of mastering.  We generally book one day for an album and mastering is usually completed that day. 

Uploads to our FTP site can always happen upon completion of the session once full payment has been received.  

We suggest that you bring or send to us especially if you are not attending the session, one or several reference disc of other albums that you may like or feel that you need to compete with.

Please do not pre-master or compress with “mastering plug-in”, as this leaves no head room for Michael to work with.  We understand that you may have been listening to your mixes with some sort of loudness maximizer to achieve level comparable to commercially released albums, but our experience with this matter is that we can provide you with a better sounding master if you leave the level wars to us.

Any revisions that may be needed will be scheduled, as quickly as possible and subsequent references will be sent immediately

Always provide us with correct labeling of each file and use our electronic form or PDF form for submitting a correct label copy (meta-data).  This information is what we will use to put CD-TEXT and/or ISRC on your master.  So please, spell everything exactly the way you wish it to appear.

We can deliver your reference and/or master electronically.  We can only guarantee the Master that we provide you with for manufacturing. Your manufacturing facility should let you know what format that they require and if a UPC and/or ISRC number is required.

When you contact our office for information or to book a session and get a quote, please be prepared for the following questions.

1. Will the session be attended or unattended?
2. How many songs will you be mastering?
3. Will there be additional versions of any of the songs? (Instrumental, TV, a-cappella, clean etc.)
4. What format will you be sending us? (Wav, aif, sdII, ½”, ¼”,)
5. Will you be providing us with stems of each mix?
6. Will the files be on a Hard Drive, FTP, CDR or DVD etc.?
7. What is the Sampling Frequency and word length of your files?
8. What is the final song order that you want you disc to be in?
9. How many reference disc and masters will you need?
10. Will you be requiring a reference disc for approval before the master is to be made?
11. What format do you wish the master to be on? (PMCD or DDPi)
Please check with your manufacturer for this information.

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