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We always welcome clients who wish to attend their mastering session.  The advantage of this is that you can relay any special request or concerns to the engineer and discuss what may be needed to accomplish your wishes.  You will also be directly involved with the spacing between songs and any creative cross fades that may be required.  Not to mention, how awesome it would be to hear your album in a great sounding mastering room. You will also be given a specific date and time for your mastering session.

The mastering fee for this service is based on an hourly rate plus a per song fee.  Every session is unique and every client is as well.  Our experience has been that attended sessions usually always take much longer due to special request, a difference of opinion, especially if there is more than one client in the room, and the usual questions that come up during a typical session.

The unattended session is for you if you are unable to attend due to your time or geographically located at a far distance from us, or, if your budget does not allow for an additional hourly rate. Many clients prefer to rely completely on Michael’s experience and expertise, therefore not needing to attend the session. You may wish to have him master on his own and send you a reference for you to evaluate in an environment that you are accustomed to listening in.

The fee for unattended mastering is on a per song basis and is always less expensive than the attended sessions.  The turnaround time for singles is usually less than a week and an album less than two.

Please contact our office for a quote.


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